Biography and Personal Life

I was born at a young age…..

A figurative artist by nature, Patrick’s larger than life painting style illustrates truth and emotion.  Revealed to us if only for a moment, his subjects’ contentment, lust, joy, and fear suspend on canvas.  Ranging from Abstract to Photoreal, each character compels the viewer to learn their story.

During the day Patrick works as a Creative Director for Environment Design at the tech startup company Magic Leap. South Florida and his career at this amazing startup has been his passion since 2015.

Prior to working at Magic Leap,  Patrick spent his days in a digital jungle of pixels and command lines working as a Visual Effects Artist for Hollywood’s blockbuster films. He has been a part of film making at Walt Disney Feature Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Digital Domain along with a few others. He holds a degree in Architecture and Fine Art and has been a professor at several Universities including New York University.

On nights and weekends he looks forward to an escape to the natural, simplistic world of sable brushes, pigmented oils and stretched canvas.. For many years he was active in the Los Angeles art community and participated in gallery shows throughout the area including the Downtown Artwalk, Noho Gallery district and Bergamot Station. His work can be seen in various locations across Southern California and New Mexico (and at almost any movie theatre across the country).

Thanks to Jim Nolen for the first line!